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Fast and Furious!

White-water tubing was 1st started by the local Mindeños years ago. It basically consisted of a large truck inner tube and one brave soul. The guys would walk up the Rio Mindo on a rocky road and then launch themselves down the river until they eventually made it back to the town of Mindo. At one point a group of young men from Mindo became so adventurous that they rode their inner tubes all the way to the Pacific Ocean! This took several days and they camped along the river, keeping an extra set of dry clothes in plastic bags.

These days the tubing in Mindo has become more advanced in many ways. The tubing companies now supply helmets, life jackets and guides, and the tubes are tied together to help stabilize the raft. The 1.5 mile trip down the river takes anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes depending on the level of the river.

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