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The Lodge

Visit El Monte Sustainable Lodge and Feel the Lushness of Tropical Cloudforest…

 Stay in private riverside cabañas and see firsthand the moss covered trees, crystal clear streams, spectacular orchids, exotic birds – awaken to the symphony of forest noises… hear the sounds and try to imagine the source. Experience Cloud Forest with all your senses, an ecosystem not widely known by name but could be described as the Garden of Eden or Paradise Found.

The main house includes the kitchen and dining table, game area, bar – plus two open “fogatas” or fire pits. The majority of the house is open, with nice views of the garden and surrounding forest. Birding is often exceptional here, with Golden-headed Quetzal, Pale-Mandibled Aracari, Chocó Toucan seen regularly – not to mention tons of tanagers, flycatchers, foliage gleaners and others.


Arrival to El Monte Sustainable Lodge is by “tarabita” or hand pulled cable car. This cable car entrance of 20 meters over the Rio Mindo gives us a sense of privacy from the outside world, while providing access to El Monte and the buffer zone to the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Reserve.


Beautiful views of the Surrounding Cloud Forest

Guests at El Monte stay in private cabañas alongside the crystalline Rio Mindo. Each cabaña has a comfortable bathroom complete with a full size tub and unlimited hot water, plus separate areas for socializing and sleeping.

The design of all the cabañas, and the main house, is original and also very functional taking into account the mild climate, lack of strong winds and local construction materials that blend nicely with the landscape and river.

Each cabaña is equipped with a flush toilet and an independent waste treatment system that is comprised of an enclosed sand bed with bamboo growing inside to remove nitrogenous buildup. This system has worked extremely well for us, and we would be glad to share the plans on request.


Dining at El Monte

Homecooked Meals

The kitchen at El Monte is all open, so you are welcome to watch the guys cook, bake, or make bread, coconut milk and butter, tofu and chocolate, or if you’d like you can contribute with  your favorite recipe.  The cooks have become excellent at making healthy food taste good. A lot of the salads, greens and other vegetables, as well as some fruits, come fresh from our garden.

Local Ecuadorian dishes are incorporated in our International menu at El Monte. Dishes like sea food, free-range chicken and vegetable cebiches, tamales (with home ground corn or green bananas), encocados (grated coconut sauce), yuca, as well as exotic juices such as maracuya, tomate de arbol, papaya… are also served.

At El Monte we are able to cater to almost all dietary requests… such as vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, nut allergy and others.

Desserts include cakes, pies, bananas with chocolate, candied fruits, chiffons and others. Any of El Monte’s recipes are available upon request.

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