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About Us

Our Story

El Monte Sustainable Lodge first opened in July of 1998 and is owned and operated by an Ecuadorian-American couple, Mariela Tenorio and Tom Quesenberry.  The primary purpose of starting the lodge was to be able to live in Mindo and also to try to combine 2 sisters of tourism, ecotourism and sustainable tourism.  

Ecotourism is the best way to conserve nature.   Without an economic incentive and the education of local peoples that ecotourism provides we would be hard pressed to save natural areas on this beautiful planet that we have been blessed to inhabit.  It has preserved large savannah forest and it`s wildlife in Africa, the Rainforests and Cloud Forests of Costa Rica and other parts of Central America, parts of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and other countries in South America, the  Mindo Cloud Forest, Galapagos Islands and many many other areas around the world.

We would like to give a big “Thank You!” to all who travel to and visit natural  areas on your precious vacation time. The best way to save it is to visit it.

Because we believe so strongly in the  power of Ecotourism to save natural areas, we have worked to help start community owned ecotourism lodges here in Ecuador.  Sani Lodge was our initial attempt at community owned ecotourism, and has become a huge success by preserving 37,000 hectares of Sani`s land, providing jobs, education and income for the  Kichwa community members.

From Sani we immediately started helping a Huaorani native, Otobo, start Otobo`s Amazon Safari.  Otobo provides a unique opportunity to visit his territory and learn about the Huaorani culture.

At the present time we are working with  Eden Amazon Lodge just off of the Rio Napo.  Eden provides an intimate experience with the Kichwa culture and the  Amazon Rainforest, and boasts comfortable cabañas on the beautiful Yuturi Lake and outstanding wildlife.

And more recently we have made initial contact with the Chachi community of  San Salvador on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. The Chachi have about 10,000 hectares of Rainforest in the Chocó region and have just begun bringing in visitors.

El Monte Staff

Looking forward to meeting you…

In 2001 El Monte founded the Mindo Biological Station to help facilitate research into this unique Cloud Forest environment. We have received many student groups over the years from the University of Oregon, Bethel College, Eckerd College, Ohio State University, Stanford University and Texas State University. Many of the students have returned to El Monte as visitors or volunteers.

The Mindo Biological Station has also provided food, lodging and forest for biological research. We have had scientists who have studied migratory patterns of the Swainson`s Thrush, Vocalization differences in 2 subspecies of the Gray-Breasted Wood Wren and inventories of frogs, snakes, orchids.


Green land in the Middle of the world
Secret Garden behind the fog
Wildlife knocking on your door
birds singing above the hall

landscape sculpt by god
pools an rivers bathe the sun
enjoy the nature with all comfort
a paradise just for love


“El Monte” likes a fantasy
Come to visit another reality
“El Monte” is a paradise
A new World where to fly



There’s not frontiers not boundaries
Take your Luggage And leave it free
Whispers by An old tree
you can Hear a History

Millions Starts convering the night
A smiling moon Starts to Shine
Humming Melodies that makes you fly
Unplugged your world and just relax


“El Monte” likes a fantasy
Come to visit another reality
“El Monte” is a paradise
A new World where to fly


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